G03 - Integrating LEED ND and SITES into Your Design Approach

Friday, November 10 from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM | 206AB « Back

Abstract Text:

In the standard design process, the individual component pieces of LEED ND and SITES are rarely integrated as effectively as they can be.  Many designers have processes that address the elements in each rating system, but do not always integrate their approaches to ensure that site development is done as responsibly as it can be.  In too many cases, design elements are layered onto a site as each discipline passes the project from one to another.  This leads to a lack of integration, missed opportunities, and conflicts that are often only discovered in the construction documents phase.

Using the LEED ND and SITES rating systems and the integrative design approach as a guide to the design process can provide numerous opportunities to address issues early on.  Such a framework can also help the design team focus on critical elements at the proper phase and establish performance metrics that guide decisions. We will share a design framework based on the LEED ND v4 and SITES v2 rating systems that can become a working tool for your design approach that leads projects, whether they become certified or not, to better integrated solutions, more sustainable designs, and higher performing outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

Identify the compatible and reinforcing elements of the LEED ND v4 Preferred Locations Credit and Sites v2 Locate Projects Within Existing Developed Areas Credit, among others, for sustainable site planning.

Identify the credits, such as LEED ND v4 Tree-Lined and Shaded Streetscapes Credit and SITES v2 Reduce Urban Heat Island Effects Credit, that are key to early design decisions and address common conflicts that arise during site planning and design.

Assemble the correct team members to effectively design to credit requirements and efficiently coordinate the design process for credits, such as LEED ND v4 Community Outreach and Involvement Credit and SITES v2 Engage Users and Stakeholders Credit or LEED ND v4 Restoration of Habitat or Wetlands and Water Bodies Credit and Sites v2 Restore Aquatic Ecosystems Credit.

Establish a sustainability framework for design elements, credits, and performance goals to strategically integrate LEED ND v4 and SITES v2 credits into their site and landscape design approach.

Learning Level:

Level 300 – Application/Implementation


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LEED Specific: ND, SITES Specific
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LEED Specific: ND, SITES Specific

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