CL12 - Arc is All In: How performance scoring is improving the quality of spaces globally

Thursday, November 9 from 11:45 AM to 12:45 PM | 102B « Back

Abstract Text:

With climate commitments at the local, regional and global level, every operational building can take strides to measure ongoing performance, leverage existing policies, and engage occupants to lower the impact of the built environment. Arc, a technology platform created by GBCI, offers a straightforward way to measure and manage energy, water, waste, transportation and human experience activity using a performance score. Scoring helps buildings and portfolios compare progress with peers and others worldwide to help drive improvement. During this session, a panel representing the diverse facets of the building sector will discuss real-world applications, insights and opportunities pertaining to performance scoring and how Arc is helping them manage goals. You can email your questions to ahead of time with the subject line: Greenbuild Boston - 9/4 C&L session question

Learning Objectives:

Speak to why data collection and performance scoring will help buildings enhance environmental, economic and social benefits

Learn how Arc is helping projects improve performance as they work towards LEED certification

Summarize ideas for occupant education and engagement

Identify sector specific data and score considerations in Arc


Event Type: Connect & Learn > Session