IS09 - Evaluating Sustainable Buildings and Innovative Materials in Pursuit of Sustainable Design

Tuesday, November 7 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM | 255 « Back

Abstract Text:

Building and design professionals are continuously seeking innovative product solutions to address growing client demands. As a result, the ways to evaluate materials and products increasingly sophisticated. This session will convene product manufacturers and building professionals to discuss innovative multi-attribute methods and emerging LEED v4 Pilot Credits.

Learning Objectives:

Stakeholders will learn how about a lifecycle approach to materials contributes to sustainable design and innovation

Participants will learn how existing LEED v4 Materials and Resources credits and new credits in the LEED Pilot Credit library are working to communicate material sustainability

Participants will learn the internal processes companies are implementing to measure the sustainability and safety impacts of their products

Participants will understand the relationships between different stakeholders in material design, production, and specification


AIA Credit Hours:

Event Type: International Summit > Session