ALA11 - ZWBC Presents: Successful Tools for Zero Waste: Metrics, Employee Engagement, Beyond Recycling to Reuse

Wednesday, November 8 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM | Booth #2413 (Applied Learning Area) « Back

Abstract Text:

Zero waste experts will share best practices and tools for making your program a powerful efficiency indicator through upstream initiatives and employee empowerment increasing revenue and savings. “You can’t measure what you don’t know”: A zero waste audit provides the foundation for establishing metrics and opportunities for reduction and reuse. This audit also includes observing and understanding your employees’ behaviors and environmental literacy. Even with a perfect three bin system, there can be high levels of contamination because employees are not engaged or motivated. By raising the employees’ environmental literacy, they understand the importance of source separation and these clean commodities increase revenue for the company and jobs in their community. TRUE Zero Waste certification diversion includes reduction, reuse, repair and donation in the metrics. By investing funding made from recycling programs, reuse programs such as reusable shipping containers, reusable service ware and packaging can have return on investments within 30 days. These actions can account for thousands, if not a billion , in savings for large companies. Reduction and reuse metric formulas will be presented along with the growing number of diversion tracking tools available, many open sourced. An overview handling hard-to-recycle materials will be provided including peer-to-peer networks.

Learning Objectives:

Establish formulas for measuring reduction and reuse

Implement successful observation and surveying techniques to understand employee behaviors

Understand Financial benefits of source separation

Conduct a zero waste audit


Event Type: Applied Learning Area > Session