CA06 - Communities & Affordable Homes Summit Luncheon

Tuesday, November 7 from 12:15 PM to 1:15 PM | West Ballroom « Back

Abstract Text:

Innovations in chemistry are helping builders and communities tackle a growing number of challenges. From sustainability and resiliency to safety and affordability, companies like Dow, Covestro and BASF are developing innovative solutions and initiatives to meet these challenges. The session will feature specific examples of partnerships between these companies and stakeholders to build strong and sustainable communities.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the role of chemical ingredients in developing building products and materials that contribute to sustainable, resilient, affordable housing.

Learn about specific partnerships between chemical manufacturing companies and community stakeholders to develop affordable, sustainable community-building projects across the world.

Understand the importance of considering the full life cycle impact of a building product or material – from sourcing and installation through use and end-of-life – when making materials selection decisions that are truly affordable and sustainable.

Stakeholders will develop a framework for how to partner with chemical companies in order to achieve shared goals at larger scale.

Learning Level:

Level 200 - Understanding/Comprehension


AIA Credit Hours:

Event Type: Communities & Affordable Homes Summit > Session