WIG - Women in Green Power Breakfast

Thursday, November 9 from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM | West Ballroom « Back

Abstract Text:

The day after the Inauguration, hundreds of thousands of women spoke up to exercise democracy. They poured into the nation's capital and in cities around the world, for the Global Women's March where they demonstrated strength and courage while demanding to be heard. Strength also means the strength of the democracy, and in realizing that decisions that conflict with democracy can be stopped by people standing up for what is right. Democracy is about more than a country’s leaders, laws or constitution. It is also represented by a society’s culture and institutions, both of which are created by the people and shaped by history. Culture includes a society’s “moral universe,” its unwritten rules of right and wrong, of acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Institutions include courts, political parties, government bureaucracies, schools industries and other organizations. The U.S. democracy offers a diffuse nature of power and a clear path for our voices and choices to shape society. Women in Green will talk about how women are indeed shaping society and making change happen now. Women are change agents; in business, in education, in healthcare, in technology and cutting-edge research, in service of our common defense, in government and in our homes. We are the foundation of our country and we are the change. Join us as we hear from groundbreaking women who will call upon attendees to speak up as individuals and as a group to achieve change in the workplace and the country.


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