C14 - Energy in LEED today and tomorrow

Thursday, November 9 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM | 259AB « Back

Abstract Text:

Discussions about the water-energy nexus have reignited conversations about energy impacts and consumption. Presenters will use real-world examples to show how unique building and space types have successfully implemented and documented their energy impacts and performance. During this session, we will delve into how LEED addresses energy today through LEED v4 and through pilot credits and also take a look towards how today's trending topics, like the water-energy nexus impact LEED's future goals.

Note: This is a 60-minute session.

Learning Objectives:

Provide an overview of how LEED v4 addresses energy in all rating systems - LEED BD+C, ID+C, O+M, ND and Homes - and related credits.

Review different strategies for achieving the LEED v4 energy-related credit across all LEED rating systems.

Review real world examples of how LEED energy-related credits and strategies have been applied.

Discuss the future of energy issues, solutions and strategies and the impact they have on the development of future LEED credits and pilot credits.

Learning Level:

Level 200 - Understanding/Comprehension


GBCI Credit Hours:
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LEED Specific:
LEED Specific: BD+C, LEED Specific: ID+C, LEED Specific: O+M, LEED Specific: ND, LEED Specific: HOMES
Well/LEED Specific:
LEED Specific: BD+C, LEED Specific: O+M, LEED Specific: ID+C, LEED Specific: ND, LEED Specific: HOMES
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