LD03 - Develop the Energy Efficiency Project Owners and Investors Actually Want: An Introduction to the Investor Ready Energy Efficiency Certification

Monday, November 6 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM | 102A « Back

Abstract Text:

Owners and investors of existing buildings are ready to move on deep renovations but they can’t find the firms ready to give them the high-quality, transparent and verifiable projects they need. That’s what the Investor Ready Energy Efficiency Certification (IREE) does and it is moving energy efficiency retrofits from ideas to completion. This session provides an introduction to the IREE certification, teaches participants how to prepare certification-ready projects, describes the value of the certification, the interaction between IREE, Arc and LEED and the ecosystem of providers, investors, agencies and others working together to normalize energy efficiency project delivery to drive deal flow. Participants will review the technical components of the IREE certification, learn about its benefits and value propositions for each stakeholder and how to attain an Investor Confidence Project Specialist credential . The session will also look specifically at how energy efficiency firms, agencies and investors are currently using the IREE certification, and share case studies from them.

Learning Objectives:

Learn what owners and investors want from energy efficiency projects

Learn about the Investor Ready Energy Efficiency certification and the value it provides to market actors and its interaction with LEED and Arc

Learn about how to develop IREE certification-ready projects and how to diffferentiate yourself and your firm by offering it.

Learn how to become part of an ecosystem of market leaders by attaining your Investor Confidence Project Specialist Credential and meet the ecosytem of investors and agencies hungry for your projects.


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