TS07 - Education for Environmental Stewards

Saturday, November 11 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM | Tour Meet Desk (Lobby) « Back

Abstract Text:

Education delivery is ever-evolving and so are the spaces from which it's being delivered. This tour will highlight some of the latest ideas in educational design and how sustainable concepts are woven into the buildings and the curriculum. This tour will highlight a range of adaptive re-use, new construction and public and charter schools. The Frank Zervas School design placed heavy emphasis on daylight and views with its classrooms organized for ideal north/south exposure, despite pressures to orient the building site use efficiencies. The Codman Academy Charter Public School design focused on good air quality, access to natural light and acoustical privacy as key priorities to the renovation. The KIPP Academy Boston Elementary is designed to 29% energy cost savings. All interior spaces have low VOC materials, operable windows, ample daylighting and acoustical treatments to create a healthy indoor environment. Tour participates will learn how to analyze the importance of plug loads and kitchen equipment performance on a school's EUI, how creating safe spaces inside and outside the classroom encourages students to self-regulate their behavior, and what the benefits of pre-engineered construction within a school project can be. Tour restrictions: Photography of students at the schools is not permitted.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this tour attendees will understand design strategies to realize a high-performance school within a constrained budget.

Upon completing this tour, attendees will be able to discuss the positive quantitative and qualitative impacts of daylight on learning throughout a school environment

Upon completing this tour attendees will be able to discuss how an early feasibility study can analyze the environmental impact of major renovation vs new construction.

Upon completing this tour attendees will be able to explain how trauma-informed-design principles can be applied to the school environment

Learning Level:

Level 300 - Application/Implementation


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