TF03 - High Performance Education

Friday, November 10 from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM | Tour Meet Desk (Lobby) « Back

Abstract Text:

Come learn how three different schools became a catalyst for change within their communities. The common theme is high levels of sustainability at no extra cost while addressing complex issues of climate change. Winthrop Middle High School is located less than a half mile from the Atlantic Ocean. With most of the site below the 100-year flood plain, the existing concrete structure was recycled to raise the grade for a new certified LEED Gold building to provide refuge during storms. Excel Academy Charter High School is located on a tight urban site in East Boston that is bordered by a highway overpass and is adjacent to an airport runway. The high-performance building envelope features triple glazed windows for thermal and acoustic performance. Participants will experience the surrounding urban environment, and the contrasting interior of the school. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School contains three schools (preschool, Elementary School, and Middle School) on a tight urban site in Cambridge. As the City's first project targeting Net Zero Energy, it served to educate the community and became a prototype for an integrated process. The building produces almost 50% of the energy it uses, achieved a 30 EUI and LEED Platinum (90 credits pending). Tour restrictions: Photography of students at the schools is not permitted.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this tour attendees will be able to identify ways that green design can address the needs of multi-cultural urban communities and become a catalyst for change throughout the community.

Upon completing this tour attendees will be able to discuss how sustainable design strategies can be implemented to support the educational mission and improve student performance and outcomes without adding to the overall project cost.

Upon completing this tour attendees will be able to analyze multiple strategies for the integration of sustainable design and climate resilient design including site design, rainwater harvesting integrated with grey water systems, MEP systems that contributed to energy-use reduction and health benefits, light shelves and sunshades, and LED lighting systems with daylight dimming controls, and building envelope to ensure excellent energy and acoustic performance.

Upon completing this tour attendees will be able to describe the integrated design process that design and construction teams can employed to achieve complex and aspirational project goals while delivering a project on time and under budget.

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Level 400 - Mastery


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