TM05 - Platinum + Passive Multi-Family

Monday, November 6 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM | Tour Meet Desk (Lobby) « Back

Abstract Text:

While multi-family housing is fundamentally more efficient than single family homes, the developments on this tour take this efficiency to a whole new level. In South Boston, the tour will explore Old Colony, an affordable public housing community that achieved LEED ND certification and whose healthy, efficient housing meets a myriad of other 3rd party market standards criteria. Proof of the development's success, the Harvard School of Public Health conducted research which showed improved health among residents. Jumping from the neighborhood to the building scale, the tour will continue by exploring the benefits of Passive House. The Distillery, the first multi-family Passive House certified in Massachusetts, will demonstrate how these standards do not have to increase building costs. Focusing on radical simplicity and rigorous attention to detail, the Distillery combines a super-insulated, airtight envelope with efficient systems and passive strategies to substantially minimize heating and cooling loads. Through this process, net-zero becomes a feasible goal, one that the Copeland Park, is targeted to meet. Being built to Passive House standards, tour attendees will be able to see firsthand what that means while the site is still under construction.

Tour restrictions: Active construction site and limited handicapped accessibility at Copeland Park. Closed-toed shoes, pants and long sleeves required.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this tour attendees will be able to summarize the master planning process and how it can improve the physical and social connectivity of developments with the surrounding community, including LEED Neighborhood Development strategies.

Upon completing this tour attendees will be able identify the benefits of using the Passive House Standard to achieve superior energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and resilient design through comparison of its costs and demonstrated energy performance and comfort outcomes

Upon completing this tour attendees will be able to discuss the Passive House systems (HRV, ERV, air source heat pumps) and their integration into the building envelope as well as lateral wall systems and how to construct them.

Upon completing this tour attendees will be able to describe the post-construction maintenance and training that can be provided to residents to maintain and enhance the performance of new energy efficient homes.

Learning Level:

Level 300 - Application/Implementation


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Event Type: Tour > Session