B14 - All Buildings and Places In: Data, Performance, LEED and the ever-evolving built environment

Wednesday, November 8 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM | 253ABC « Back

Abstract Text:

In the years since USGBC launched LEED v4, project teams have stepped up, engaging in integrative process to advance the definition of healthy and high-performing buildings and adopting holistic approaches to the selection of building materials. We’ve assessed the market impacts of LEED v4 and observed exciting advancements in building performance technology. At Greenbuild in Boston, USGBC will share how we are building on the LEED v4 rating system and pushing for new levels of innovation in the built environment. Arc Skoru, USGBC and GBCI staff will team up for a comprehensive update on LEED technical development to advance market transformation across the globe. Participate in an interactive deep-dive that illuminates how data-driven certification works at various scales of the built environment utilizing the Arc platform. Explore the data transparency and analytics that make Arc a powerful tool for building owners and operators to track, measure and communicate achievement of sustainability goals. This two-hour session will deliver valuable insights on what’s next for USGBC’s LEED rating system and supporting tools. Attendance is critical for all building owners, practitioners and facility managers committed to accelerating the adoption of green building and communities.

Learning Objectives:

Explain how current market trends are shaping the development of LEED and the tools that will support that evolution.

Outline the relationships between LEED and the other rating systems supported by GBCI.

Understand the role and importance of data to the future of the built environment.

Describe the future vision for the green building movement and how the Arc platform innovations guide action now and in the future.

Learning Level:

Level 300 - Application/Implementation


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AIA Credit Hours:
LEED Specific:
LEED Specific: BD+C, LEED Specific: ID+C, LEED Specific: O+M
Well/LEED Specific:
LEED Specific: BD+C, LEED Specific: O+M, LEED Specific: ID+C, LEED Specific: ND, LEED
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