G14 - Understanding water and LEED: from rainwater to metering and everything in between

Friday, November 10 from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM | 259AB « Back

Abstract Text:

LEED v4 addresses water holistically, taking into account indoor use, outdoor use, specialized uses and metering. It measures all sources of water related to a building, including cooling towers, appliances, fixtures, fittings, process water, and irrigation. Additionally, in LEED v4, buildings can earn up to 3 points by achieving the new Rainwater Management credit and earn exemplary performance in this credit by managing 100% of rainwater using Low Impact Development and green infrastructure. This session will present an overview of resources, strategies as well as tips for successful credit achievement. Attendees will hear from USGBC and GBCI experts about how water is addressed in LEED today and also what's on the horizon for future development.

Learning Objectives:

Provide an overview of how LEED v4 addresses water in all rating systems - LEED BD+C, ID+C, O+M, ND and Homes - and related credits.

Review different strategies for achieving the LEED v4 rainwater credit in BD+C, O+M, ND and Homes, a combination of the stormwater quality and stormwater quantity management credits from LEED 2009.

Review real world examples of how LEED water related credits and strategies have been applied.

Discuss the future of water issues, solutions and strategies and the impact they have on the development of future LEED credits.

Learning Level:

Level 300 - Application/Implementation


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LEED Specific:
LEED Specific: BD+C, LEED Specific: O+M, LEED Specific: ND, LEED Specific: HOMES
Well/LEED Specific:
LEED Specific: BD+C, LEED Specific: O+M, LEED Specific: ND, LEED Specific: HOMES

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