LD19 - LEED 251: Understanding the Building Design + Construction LEED Rating Systems

Tuesday, November 7 from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM | 104A « Back

Abstract Text:

This course introduces the credit intents, key elements, main requirements, and reference standards of the Green Building Design and Construction (BD+C) LEED rating systems. Workshop participants will gain a solid understanding of the core concepts and strategies of the following LEED rating systems: New Construction & Major Renovations (NC). Led by official USGBC LEED Faculty who are LEED and facilitation experts, this workshop provides an understanding of the scope of the LEED BD+C rating system family, covering the distinctive aspects of each rating system within it. The course examines all prerequisites and credits in LEED BD+C's seven credit categories: Location and Transportation, Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality, Materials & Resources, and Innovation in Design; it also addresses Regional Priority credits. The course introduces all of the credits, going into detail on the goals, intents, requirements, and strategies of prerequisites and selected key credits. The course also reinforces understanding of synergies between credits. Throughout the day, participants will engage in discussions and interactive activities based on real-life projects to enforce what is taught about LEED BD+C prerequisites, credits, and concepts.

Learning Objectives:

Recognize the unique aspects of LEED v4 BD+C

Describe the intent of the three minimum program requirements for LEED v4 BD+C

Identify the prerequisites requirement for of LEED v4 BD+C to qualify for LEED Certification.

What are (key) synergies between the LEED v4 BD+C credits?

Learning Level:

Level 200 - Understanding/Comprehension


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LEED Specific:
LEED Specific: BD+C
Well/LEED Specific:
LEED Specific: BD+C

Event Type: Workshop (Pre-Conference) > Session