CA10 - Building a Sustainable Square Mile: Principles and Practice

Tuesday, November 7 from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM | 257AB « Back

Abstract Text:

The sustainable square mile is a walkable unit made up of exchange between people, their neighbors, and the resources surrounding them. It is a self-sustaining ecosystem where people can walk to work, school, shop and play. This walkable unit is where most daily activities take place and is grounded in local currency, goods, knowledge, energy and culture. By connecting each village one sustainable square mile at a time, we design and develop local living economies with fewer greenhouse gas emissions and higher household incomes.

Cultivating your own green village is central to the conservation lifestyle and the concepts within Blacks in Green’s 8 Principles of Green Village Building. Our session centers on putting into practices the principles of Wealth, Energy, Products, Homestead, Culture, Organized, Education, and Oasis. Our session will facilitate discussion around best practices and case studies for putting into practice the 8 principles by aligning them with technical standards, like those in LEED-ND (Leadership in Energy and Environmental design for Neighborhood Development). Participants will be able to take away tools for growing a base of neighbor investors, teaching the conservation lifestyle and creating local, living economies that are inclusive, sustainable, and grounded in measurable sustainability standards.

Learning Objectives:

Apply with precision the #1 method for achieving equitable community development in black communities and identify the #1 barrier even the Obama Presidential Center faces.

Analyze the whole-system problem common to black communities everywhere using The 8 Principles of Green-Village-Building and GOD [Garden Oriented Development] for a whole-system solution.

Develop a tapestry of activities that wake neighbors, planners, and elected officials to pleasure, fun, and feeling their lives matter, and identif measures that satisfy funders.

Solve your craving for human connection, professional certification, and immortality by creating a City of Villages wherever you live and a Sustainable Square Mile classroom wherever you reach.

Learning Level:

Level 100 - Awareness


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