D12 - Internships: Creating a Talent Pipeline for Green Industries

Thursday, November 9 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM | 205C « Back

Abstract Text:

This session will cover the topic of internships – including perspectives from employers, interns, and a unique state-led initiative to support the clean energy industry through on-the-job training. Attendees will learn how to structure a successful internship program, including: • The need to create a talent pipeline • Job prospects in clean energy and sustainability • How to recruit and mentor college students • How to optimize the outcomes of interns’ work • Internship success stories and achievements • Career coaching tips We will ask questions to tailor the session to attendees’ interests: How many of you have been an intern? Or hired one? What aspects of the internship worked well? What could have been improved? Do internships actually help you reach your career goals? Will hosting interns enhance your business or slow you down? What skills are in-demand? We will share lessons learned from placing students in 2,000+ positions across Massachusetts, in the context of regional goals for industry growth. We’ll provide examples of how an employer can benefit from hosting interns, drawing from years of experience mentoring students and working with colleges to develop sustainability programs. The student viewpoint will also be explored – including internship challenges and breakthrough moments for determining career aspirations.

Learning Objectives:

Build a strong pipeline of high-quality full or part-time employees to help your organization grow and succeed

Define the scope of work that a student can successfully accomplish during their internship period, and implement recruitment strategies to find the right candidate

Understand the expectations, timing, competing commitments, and dynamics of working with students from a variety of backgrounds

Quantify the value that successful interns can provide for your business

Learning Level:

Level 100 – Awareness


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1 LU

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