E03 - Mobility Drives Smart Cities: Parking Industry Data

Thursday, November 9 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM | 206AB « Back

Abstract Text:

What do you think about parking? Parking can (and should) be an economic driver, catalyst for development, and an essential piece of the mobility equation. How does parking planning, management and operations impact transportation choice and accompanying environmental impacts? 

This session will delve into the true triple-bottom line impact of planning for parking appropriately, and how technology is driving (and disrupting) both demand on the part of the patron as well as supply.  This interactive panel will address the audience's preferences and predilections towards parking in a real-time polling application. We will share the benchmarking data gathered to date, industry efforts to develop and standardize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Learning Objectives:

Take stock of their current perceptions of parking and mobility through an interactive, real-time, poll-based format.

Understand how parking management and operations drive patron choice regarding mode of travel and associated environmental impacts.

Discuss how data-driven decisions impact parking and transportation, and how real-time access to data is transforming the parking and transportation industry.

Appreciate the critical role of parking - in planning for buildings and smart(er) cities, and integrate it more effectively into decision-making processes.

Learning Level:

Level 200 – Understanding/Comprehension


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