IS03 - Las Salinas Neighborhood, Urban Design for a Healthier City

Tuesday, November 7 from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM | 254AB « Back

Abstract Text:

When considering Neighborhood Development worldwide, it is uncommon to find urban projects deliberately designed to develop a vibrant inter-relationship with a whole city and its ecosystem. In today’s world, we all face the challenge of sustainability but our mindset tends to focus on the projects themselves, usually in terms of green technologies and how the project impacts its occupants and users. What if, in the places we build, we work towards sustainability and regeneration of the entire social and ecological system? In other words, whether it is a large district or small neighborhood, projects can amplify their impact by focusing on the potential for health of the larger system it is part of, integrating culture, nature, infrastructure, human development, and economy to continually add value to the places we live.

Using the example of Las Salinas, a transformative project in the Chilean city Viña del Mar, this workshop will introduce the process of leveraging each project in to address whole-city and ecosystem health in the design stage; expanding our reach by going beyond the conventional lists of problems and technologies by systemically integrating communities, businesses, and activist groups around common purpose and meaning.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the nature of working with the larger social and ecological patterns of ‘place’ to help communities engage in co-creating the health of the larger system they are part of.

Comprehend the nature of ‘development’ as a continuous process for new understanding in order to sustain life, a process that requires individual, and community capability as an inseparable whole.

Understand that ‘compromise’ as a conceptual framework is ineffective and ultimately deleterious to planetary health.

Broaden their perspective and develop some confidence about how to expand integrative design for larger systems. Addressing the question, ‘where do we stop integrating if sustainability is our goal?'

Learning Level:

Level 200 – Understanding/Comprehension


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