FK - Friday Keynote: Communicating the New Climate Change Movement Across Generations

Friday, November 22 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM | Hall B1 « Back

Abstract Text:

The Greenbuild closing keynote will be a panel discussion focused on the intersection of youth activism, science and communication. The panelists will include Jamie Margolin, a 17-year-old climate activist and a founder of the international youth climate justice movement Zero Hour, and Dr. Marshall Shepherd, a climatologist and distinguished professor of geography and atmospheric science at the University of Georgia. Biosphere journalist Stephen Leahy will moderate the panel.

Climate data has uncovered a strong correlation between climate risk and the negative impact on vulnerable communities affected by climate change. Now, A new generation of young adults has begun to take matters into their own hands when it comes to addressing climate change risk. Combining scientific data with activism, youth are using their voice to champion a new inclusive and cross-generational movement to alter the impacts of climate change for future generations. The panel will discuss how the new climate change action movement came to be, how it addresses the issue of environmental discrimination and explore how activists communicate with both allies of the movement and climate change deniers.

Learning Objectives:

Examine how extreme weather events have impacted all populations and influenced narratives around climate change to date.

Discuss the prevalence of severe climate change on vulnerable communities, and how that impacts social equity, environmental discrimination and human health and wellness.

Learn about the efforts of climate scientists and youth activists in using data, trends and emotional appeal to influence narratives around climate change.

Explore communication tactics for discussing climate change across the generational and socioeconomic gap.


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