RC06 - Resilience Summit - Afternoon Salon

Tuesday, November 19 from 2:15 PM to 4:15 PM | B302/B305 « Back

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A community’s ability to prepare and plan for, absorb, recover from, and more successfully adapt to adverse events requires an equal seat at the table for all who are impacted. The afternoon sessions take this literally. Attendees will engage in a series of dynamic activities in this round-robin event. Facilitators will lead up to forty unique discussions and activities through which attendees can rotate and participate. Think of it as “Choose your Own Adventure meets Speed Dating and Circuit Training”. Through the course of the afternoon, participants will move through discussions while build their network, share their expertise, and learn from peers. Dialogue will focus at the nexus of resilience, equitable development, health and the application of new technologies and paradigms. Facilitators will gather critical data from participants that will be used to advance solutions to build more resilient and equitable communities. Attendees will have the opportunity to rotate between three conversations throughout this session. Please plan ahead and review which conversations will be conducted so you can plan to participate in the appropriate afternoon table topics.

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The Resilience Summit is Sponsored by GAF

Learning Objectives:

Differentiate between resilience solutions that focus on people, policy or projects

Draw connections between issues of resilience, equitable development, health and the adoption of new technologies and paradigms

Identify stakeholders, resources and tools for strengthening community resilience

Contribute to defining solutions that advance community resilience

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