A11 - The Future of LEED

Wednesday, November 20 from 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM « Back

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Imagine a rating system responsive to the ever-changing world around us. Cities around the world are mitigating climate risks by pledging to raise the bar to reduce carbon emissions. Investors are weighing their opportunities, consciously screening for projects that align with their values and prove ESG is a winning strategy. And building owners are pivoting focus to the occupants in an effort to reduce inequality, combat health concerns and deliver value to support the day-to-day needs of everyone and raise their living standard. So we call upon you, our LEEDers, to ask… what should the next level of LEED address? Through transparency and continuous improvement, LEED’s trajectory is always to improve performance throughout the lifecycle of buildings, raise the bar, advance net zero and net positive practices, reward leaders based on their performance to enable building owners to track progress toward environmental, social and governance goals. Join in on a collaborative discussion that will explore what is needed to ensure that LEED remains the global leadership standard for green buildings. Come help write the roadmap for the Future of LEED!


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