TF04 - Development without Displacement

Friday, November 22 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM | Level 4 Lobby « Back

Abstract Text:

Atlanta’s Westside communities – once thriving middle-class African American neighborhoods and home to MLK, Jr - have faced disinvestment and neglect for the last half-century. Today, these neighborhoods are now seeing a sudden boost in development, and with it, displacement and gentrification. This tour will highlight non-profits and community-focused groups working to ensure the existing residents’ needs, along with their history and culture, are a part of the new vision. The tour will feature new projects such as parks and commercial centers, as well as, single and multi-family housing projects. Attendees will visit with 26-acre outdoor activity center of the Westside Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA), a community-based non-profit dedicated to growing a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable West Atlanta. The site of the newly completed Rodney Cook Sr. Park formerly housed single-family residences that were regularly and severely impacted by flooding. Learn how green stormwater infrastructure strategies are helping to revitalize the community. Attendees will also discover how Quest Communities and the Greenbuild 2019 Legacy Project, Solar Introduction to English Avenue are providing high-performance, affordable housing and other critical supportive services for area residents.

Learning Objectives:

Compare non-profit and community-focused groups working to combat displacement and gentrification while providing healthy and safe places for the community to live

Discuss the benefits and challenges of working with the existing residents' needs to develop a vibrant and healthy community

Examine the green stormwater solution to addressing the issue of community flooding

Discover how several organizations are providing high-performance, affordable housing and other critical supportive services for area residents through community engagement, allowing the residents to have a healthier home and stay in their community


GBCI Credit Hours:

Event Type: Tour > Session