TF06 - Atlanta's Tour of the Stars: Green on Screen

Friday, November 22 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM | Level 4 Lobby « Back

Abstract Text:

Georgia has become one of the world’s top production hubs over the past decade. Locations used in scenes from movie and television favorites are being brought to life in new and sustainable ways. Join us for a sneak peek at Pullman Yard, used in scenes from the Hunger Games and one of the last-remaining sites preserving the storied railroad history of Atlanta. Atomic Entertainment has purchased the 27-acre site with the objective of rehabilitating and adapting the 10 existing historic structures, as well as, adding complementary infill development. When complete, the site will be built around film-production as the foundation for a mixed-use creative community. The project will include film production in three buildings, office, hotel, housing and a variety of food and beverage opportunities. Attendees will also visit the new LEED-certified Quarry Pump Station at the Westside Reservoir Park (seen in Stranger Things and Walking Dead). A preview of coming attractions, the Pump Station is the first completed facility at the upcoming 300-acre development surrounding the dramatic former-Bellwood Quarry. Once complete, the Westside Reservoir Park will become Atlanta’s largest reservoir and will increase resiliency by holding up to a month’s worth of clean water for Atlanta residents to drink.

Learning Objectives:

Compare the strategies used in the renovation of two properties used in the movie industry

Discuss the benefits of a mixed-use facility in the creation of movie sets.

Examine the materials preserved or restored in the historic renovation of the Pullman Yard project

Examine the site design of the Westside Reservoir and how it can be used in the multiple functions of movie sets and resiliency.


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