TM04 - Cycle Through History

Monday, November 18 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM | Level 4 Lobby « Back

Abstract Text:

On this tour, we will bike through the Sweet Auburn Historic District stopping at various sites linked to the civil rights movement and key links to building Black Atlanta. With a slower pace and a chance to be outdoors, the tour will explore deeper issues of how these spaces have changed over time with the development of the city. How can these spaces be incorporated responsibly as development progresses? How do you maximize functionality of the space while maintaining its cultural and historical significance? How do you increase the bike-ability of the city as a solution to the world's worst commute? The tour will include the Butler St YMCA, Atlanta Life Complex, Atlanta Daily World, Royal Peacock, Oddfellows Building, Dobbs Plaza, and Prince Hall Mason Lodge and Tabernacle. Participants will get off their bikes for a more detailed tour of MLK Aquatic and Recreation Center, Hurt Park and Auburn Avenue Research Library. Bikes will be provided for tour participants for this approximately 4-5 mile ride.

Learning Objectives:

Discuss a place using its historical narrative to illustrate points to address discrimination and bring about social equity

Describe ways to build positive connections to places and people through design that will benefit human health and well-being

Identify specific ways to increase social equity through design based on the sites visited

Apply the concepts to their own projects and locale


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Event Type: Tour > Session