A09 - Technology, Lean and the Future of Sustainable Job Sites

Wednesday, November 20 from 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM | B314 « Back

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We are in the midst of an historic shift in the processes and practices of construction jobsites, one which is being enabled by technology. This session will do a deep examination of one often overlooked aspect of that shift: its impact on the sustainability of sites. The session will be based on the findings of new, original research on ways in which technology supports new practices and process that help reduce waste and create more sustainable jobsites. These include Lean practices like the use of weekly work planning and PPC, pull planning and early stakeholder involvement; prefabrication from single-trade assemblies to multi-trade assemblies; modular construction, from panelized modular construction to full volumetric; and site planning to optimize resource use. The research will reveal which of these practices are already in place, which are already being enabled by technology and how technology can help make them more accessible to contractors in the future. The research will be presented briefly as a foundation for a more specific discussion between three experts, Steve Jones from Dodge Data & Analytics, Mark Konchar from Balfour Beatty and John Wiegand from Autodesk, about what the research reveals, how these practices help create more sustainable jobsites, current best practices and the future potential for the transformation of the jobsite through the aid of new technology that can support these often challenging approaches. This session is designed as a special set because audience participation is essential to its success, with smart technologies encourage that the audience becomes part of the discussion hosted by the three panelists. The session will provide clear, material examples of what can be achieved now and offer a roadmap of what will be achieved in the future to make construction sites more sustainable.

Learning Objectives:

This session will provide participants with a better understanding of how technology can have an impact on sustainable site planning

This session will demonstrate how lean practices such as pull planning lead to more sustainable jobsites and how technology can support the use of these practices.

This session will review the sustainable benefits of using prefabrication and modular building techniques and reveal how technology can help attendees achieve those objectives.

This session will allow participants to benchmark their current use of these new practices to achieve their sustainable goals against the overall industry and provide an understanding of how future technology developments will further aid them in using these approaches.

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Education Tracks: Data|AI|Smart Systems for Sustainability

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