G09 - Using Health Data to Inform Design Strategies

Friday, November 22 from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM | B305 « Back

Abstract Text:

This interactive workshop will explore regional and local approaches to health and data-driven design processes. Using WELL v2 country briefs, Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, and health needs assessments, participants will work together to identify specific connections between human health and design and engage in a live discussion on ways to measure their impacts. By highlighting key alignments of WELL and Enterprise, attendees will also be able to speak to the key similarities and differences between the programs, the value they both provide, as well as the steps needed to implement them.

Learning Objectives:

Identify and discuss top health risk factors within a given region or community.

Prioritize design strategies based on health data found in WELL v2 country briefs and community health needs assessments.

Provide credibility to the possible impact of buildings through research and measurement of health outcomes.

Understand alignments between the WELL v2 and Enterprise Community certification systems

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GBCI Credit Hours:
1.5 GBCI
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WELL Specific
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WELL Specific

Education Tracks: Data|AI|Smart Systems for Sustainability

Event Type: Conference Session > Session