TM13 - Art of Reuse: Community Engagement and Resiliency

Monday, November 18 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM | Level 4 Lobby « Back

Abstract Text:

Google Atlanta’s offices in West Midtown are known for being the hub of “where art meets technology.” With the company’s focus on employee well-being, artistic works from Atlanta’s emerging artists are displayed in rotating exhibits to transform the workspace into a dynamic environment for creativity, focus and connection. Attendees will hear from artist Pam Longobardi, creator of the Drifters project, about making art and working in collaboration with communities where she travels. Through Drifters, Longobardi transforms oceanic plastic into installations, providing a visual statement about global consumption and its far-reaching impacts. Lifecycle Building Center, with its Reuse Center & Store in Southwest Atlanta, emerged out of a desire to empower communities to become more resilient by making the way we create, use and remove buildings more sustainable. Since beginning operations in 2011, LBC has diverted 5 million tons of useable building materials from landfills, awarded 160 grants to non-profit organizations, and saved the community $28,000,000 through discounted and free materials. In alignment with goals to promote resource efficiency, reduce solid waste disposal, and stimulate economic development, LBC is collaborating with local artists for repurposing salvaged materials to bring communities together and inspire regenerative creations.

Learning Objectives:

Discuss strategies for community building and education through local artist engagement in material reuse

Evaluate the scope of Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste generated from construction, renovation and demolition projects and how deconstruction and material reuse offer triple-bottom-line solutions by empowering communities

Discuss the transformative impact of repurposing discarded materials locally and globally for creating resiliency

Discuss the linkage of human well-being with art and technology


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