TF02 - Get in the Loop on Atlanta's Beltline

Friday, November 22 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM | Level 4 Lobby « Back

Abstract Text:

The Atlanta BeltLine is a sustainable development project that is now one of the most comprehensive urban design efforts under way in the United States. With project completion targeted for 2030, the Atlanta Beltline Project aims to connect 45 in-town neighborhoods via a 22-mile loop of multi-use trails, modern streetcar lines, parks and open space—making Atlanta a more sustainable, livable and inclusive place. The Atlanta Beltline's Westside Trail is 3 miles long and represents the largest public investment in this section of Atlanta in the last 40 years. Since opening in the fall of 2017, multiple restaurants, microbreweries, food manufacturers, and small offices have sprung up adjacent to or very near the trail. In 2019, Atlanta BeltLine begins construction of Enota Park, expanding a small 1/3 of an acre tot lot into a wonderful 8 acre, $10 million neighborhood park that will have 3 direct, at-grade connections to the Westside trail. This park is pursuing SITES certification at the Gold level, the first project on the Beltline to do so. Attendees will hear from Atlanta Beltline leaders as they walk appoximately 2.5 miles from the north end at Washington Park and ending at Monday Night Garage.

Learning Objectives:

Discuss the comprehensive city plan to connect 45 in-town communities through a 22-mile walkable loop through the city and the impact on the community;

Evaluate the features of SITES certification

Discuss the history and impact of redevelopment in a marginal community

Examine how the Atlanta Beltline compares to other urban renewal projects.


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