B15 - City in a Garden: Powering Urban Futures in a Low Carbon World

Wednesday, November 14 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM | 375C « Back

Abstract Text:

Karen Weigert, Senior Fellow of Global Cities at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, will take the Master Series stage at Greenbuild Chicago to deliver her vision for building low carbon cities of the future. Ms. Weigert is a nationally recognized expert on climate, energy and sustainable cities, and has spent her career working at the intersection of the environment, urban development, energy and finance. As Chicago’s first Chief Sustainability Officer, she guided the city’s sustainability strategy and implementation, delivering innovative and practical solutions. Prior to that, she was a producer and writer for the documentary film Carbon Nation, which looks at solutions to climate change. Hear from Ms. Weigert first-hand about the importance of and potential for cities to deliver a low carbon future as well key initiatives that have shaped Chicago’s long track record of environmental leadership. She will also dive into the implications climate change has on global urban development, and the challenges and opportunities that await the builders and planners of tomorrow. Audiences will take away a keen understanding of how cities can balance an influx of population with minimizing their environmental impact, maintaining energy security, and ensuring economic growth and a perspective on the ways all professionals in all field can help drive change.

Learning Objectives:

Understand big picture themes on how to drive a global transformation toward a low carbon economy.

Describe the impacts of city growth on climate change at a global scale, and why it is imperative to secure low-carbon energy sources to power tomorrow’s urban centers.

Learn about key sustainability initiatives and programs implemented in Chicago that have contributed to the city’s long track record of environmental leadership and progress.

Gain knowledge of how cities can balance their rising growth with minimal environmental impact, energy security and economic growth.


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Event Type: Master Series > Session