WB06 - The Water Catchers: Inspiration from People, Process, and Performance

Tuesday, November 13 from 12:30 PM to 1:45 PM | 184 « Back

Abstract Text:

Enhanced by vivid imagery and music, Dr. Kath Williams will tell stories from ancient water catchers to today's water experts who contribute practical lessons learned about the precious resource, water. This inspirational media presentation was prepared in collaboration with internationally acclaimed artist Jared Piguet. Conservation through reduced demand, purification of polluted waters, harvesting of rainwater, protection and recharging wells and sustainable agriculture all present opportunities for community creative solutions to the current and future water crisis. Whether the system is a simple shared community well or a technology monitored and controlled complex building system, the lessons are being shared and are essential to remember. Community health and survival itself is and always has been dependent upon responsible use of water. People take on appropriate use through ideas, strategies, processes, activities, and action that enhance the human health. From design through operations and maintenance, challenges and leadership opportunities exist. From a positive, inspirational perspective of one woman through creative green building, actions are founded in the notion that humans are a part of nature as well as a force, immensely influenced and influencing life. Water is a vital life element but, as this presentation shows, water is also art.

Learning Objectives:

See history of water management from a global perspective

Identify ancient approaches that are incorporated into today's rainwater management

Understand water as a precious resource with great opportunities for regeneration

Explain need for holistic approach from presented projects and their performance

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