LD02 - Keys to Success for Certification to the LEED Rating Systems for New Construction

Tuesday, November 13 from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM | 175A « Back

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Wondering how to have your most successful LEED for new construction project experience? Looking for ways to motivate a team and ensure that each person understands their unique role and responsibility in the success of the project’s design, construction and certification? The way that you set up the team and give the project the right start - right from the start - is critical to ultimately meeting the project’s goals. Whether you are new to LEED or an experienced user, combining knowledge of the rating system requirements with an integrative process and clear project management sets a solid foundation for any project. Through case studies we’ll cultivate a deeper understanding of success with LEED.
This interactive course will take you on the journey of effective project management from the first charrette through setting up your integrative process and tips for what the GBCI reviewers are looking for in a project submittal.
This course introduces all of the prerequisites and select credits of the LEED v4 BD+C New Construction rating system going into detail on the goals, intents, requirements and strategies, how to identify resources, select team members and understand synergies between credits.
Bring your project challenges and opportunities to the class so we can have a two way engagement and set you up for success on your projects.
This workshop focuses on LEED v4 but will include insight into the work done on LEED v4.1 because the integrative process and project management strategies can be applied as you work on LEED projects in the future.

Learning Objectives:

Gain a solid understanding of the core concepts and strategies of the LEED for New Construction rating system.

Use case studies to identify successful project management strategies

Incorporate an integrative process in order to inspire new ideas and drive higher performance of the projects.

Work effectively with the GBCI review team

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LEED Specific: BD+C
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LEED Specific: BD+C

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