A13 - SITES Client Buy-in and Prerequisite Tips for Success

Wednesday, November 14 from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM | 183C « Back

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Two of the biggest challenges with SITES certification are client buy-in and understanding the importance of SITES Prerequisites. Learn how to address questions clients are asking about SITES and why the Atlanta Beltline is the first municipal agency to include SITES in its next round of projects. Hear specific case study examples about how design teams have addressed challenging Prerequisites that allowed projects to move forward. Get detailed strategies for addressing the challenges of Prerequisites 2.2, 3.1, 4.1, 4.2, and 7.3. Through the use of real world examples and a client’s perspective the presenters will engage the audience through a highly collaborative and active presentation that weaves together 4 speakers with SITESv2 expertise. A Powerpoint visual aid presentation will include an active audience question and answer opportunities throughout. Presenters have been active speakers about SITES, LEED and sustainability and are actively engaged in SITESv2 certification projects. Available case studies pertinent to the Chicago/Mid-west region will also be featured. Project case study examples will include multi-phased urban linear projects, large scale green infrastructure systems, Chicago’s Navy Pier and the US Botanic Garden Bartholdi Park .

Learning Objectives:

Understand and list up to 5 real world questions and responses to clients and design teams asking about SITESv2 certification and learn 3 strategies to communicate SITES benefits and ROI.

Recognize the importance of the SITES v2 Prerequisite framework and learn from 5 real world examples used to successfully address SITES v2 Prerequisite: Conduct a pre-design site assessment.

Identify and understand critical requirements for SITES v2 Prerequisites: Manage Precipitation on Site; Create and communicate a soil management plan; and, Communicate and verify sustainable construction practices.

Learn from a case study technical approach solutions to address challenges with SITES v2 Prerequisite: Control and manage invasive plants.

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Education Tracks: Natural Considerations in Sustainable Design

Event Type: Core Education Program > Session