TF05 - Loyola University Chicago Commits to Sustainability

Friday, November 16 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM | Tour Meet Desk « Back

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This tour will highlight the remarkable changes made over the past decade at the Loyola lakefront campus, including stormwater, landscaping and streetscaping projects. Tour participants will see several groundbreaking buildings that all address with energy, human comfort, and natural ventilation in subtly different ways.

Learning Objectives:

Observe the design methods used to create outdoor spaces and natural areas and how these work with the enhanced stormwater management plan and shoreline restoration.

Identify key components in designing naturally ventilated buildings in the temperate climate of Chicago and different ways this can be achieved

Summarize the ways the campus transformations has reduced automobiles use, created community spaces, and contributed to campus and community life.

Explore the various ways that commitment to occupant health and comfort contributed to the design of several buildings and areas on the campus.

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Event Type: Tour > Session