CA12 - Resilience Session 3: Making It Real: Community Resilience

Tuesday, November 13 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM | 183C « Back

Abstract Text:

Resilience is complicated. It considers the increasing environmental vulnerabilities as well as the economic and social challenges we see every day. How do we, as leaders in our communities, make a real difference? How do we build a team that is accountable and committed to the vision of a resilient community? In this session you will hear stories of people pushing the envelope: two Puerto Rican stories about recovery after Hurricane Maria (a grassroots and government perspective), a story about the new trend of community resilience hubs and a story about the economics of resilience in low-status communities. With this inspiration, we will brainstorm ideas for a real community (charrette style). While the goal is to provide actionable strategies with potential contacts to this community, you should be able to walk away from this session with “real” strategies to take home and make a “reality.” As a resource to session participants (aka resilience advocates), the USGBC will publish the status of resilient strategies implemented in the real community. This will foster an online community of resilience advocates to discuss challenges and triumphs in their own community. Note: This session is part of the Resilience track within CAHS. You are encouraged to select the other sessions within this track, though it is not required.

Learning Objectives:

Discuss stories from several communities that are trying to develop an inclusive and equitable resilience planning and implementation processes, and identify their successes and challenges.

Locate tools, resources and frameworks used in community resilience planning for use elsewhere

Practice using a community organizing process for resilience that has been successfully used in resilience planning

Summarize your personal lessons learned through the practice application of a community organizing process, and how those lessons can be applied in your own context and community to take action in resilience planning


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