F06 - Plug Loads: The Next Frontier in Deep Energy Savings

Thursday, November 15 from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM | Booth 1629 - Building Performance ALA « Back

Abstract Text:

Plug load energy is a relatively untapped source of energy savings in commercial buildings. And these loads are increasing. Other end uses are decreasing with better building design and sophisticated efficiency programs, but plug loads continue to increase as we plug more into the wall. The energy efficiency industry needs to do more to identify and quantify strategies for reducing plug load. This panel will give participants a solid overview of the potential for savings from plug loads based on research led by the New Buildings Institute on unregulated loads (loads that are not covered by building codes). Then Seventhwave and LHB will share the results of commercial plug load research that they've completed on a broad set of strategies for office equipment such as computers, monitors, kitchenette equipment, and copiers. This research does not just address the opportunities for plug load energy savings, but also examines which messages work best to encourage building occupants to power down and power off. The panel will lead a discussion about potential allies who haven’t traditionally been part of our sustainability ecosystem, like IT departments, when tackling this important energy savings opportunity.

Learning Objectives:

Identify promising new energy savings opportunities from commercial plug loads.

Compare results from field studies addressing different occupant engagement strategies for different energy savings results.

Project future energy savings from plug loads as workplaces become increasingly digital.

Discuss occupant engagement strategies, including engaging non-traditional players like IT departments.

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Event Type: Core Education Program - Applied Learning Area > Session