B10 - From Steeple to Students: Benchmarking as a Learning and Advocacy Tool

Wednesday, November 14 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM | 185D « Back

Abstract Text:

One cannot manage what they cannot measure, performance management is the gold standard for working toward and maintaining impactful sustainable improvements. What does that mean for occupants and organizations that perhaps don't have skill sets, staff capacity or budget to complete data entry, analysis of usage and prioritization of needed improvements? Learn from three trailblazers in supporting sustainability in community-based settings. Exploring possibilities of LEEDv4.1 through Arc and analyzing performance to make incremental improvements, these organizations are putting their students, constituents, and community to work for the environment. It's time we learn from them. This discussion will not will not veer from the hard questions: how does one convince constituents who are often the least contributing populations to climate change that they should care about sustainable initiatives? What happens when the analysis leads to the need for capital improvement? Where does the money come from? How does one keep momentum moving forward when faced with barriers? Questions also welcome among panelists and fielded from the audience.

Learning Objectives:

discuss the learning benefits of building performance management through Arc that contribute to sustainability, education, and advocacy.

be able to give examples of community-based organizations using Arc to set and achieve sustainability goals and apply to possible opportunities to lead within one's own community.

understand how Arc allows users to create and achieve sustainability goals and seek a path to LEEDv4.1 certification.

discuss solutions to obstacles that an organization must work through while pursuing LEEDv4.1, working within Arc, or pursuing other sustainability goals

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Education Tracks: Community and Social Equity

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