TM05 - Navy Pier Sets Their SITES on Gold

Monday, November 12 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM | Tour Meet Desk « Back

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Navy Pier, the century-old treasured landmark has undergone a transformational redevelopment over the past few years. The Centennial Vision: A Framework for Reimagining Navy Pier was launched in 2011 celebrating the 100-year anniversary of Navy Pier, the embodiment of Daniel Burnham’s 1909 plan for Chicago. The Vision provided guidance and goals for future redevelopment activity and encapsulated the direction from the Urban Land Institute’s Study in practice for Navy Pier, Inc. (NPI).The Pier made successful strides towards preserving and protecting the environment through expanded green spaces, water and energy conservation, implementation of innovative stormwater management, use of recycled local materials, improved pedestrian access, and much more. As a result of these efforts, Navy Pier was the first to achieve Gold certification under the Sustainable SITES Initiative (SITES v2) rating system. On the tour you’ll explore The Yard, a new next-generation theater that is connected to the existing Chicago Shakespeare Theater at Navy Pier. The two-story lobby and reception area features a custom electrochromic façade with magnificent views of Lake Michigan. Designed with daylight sensors on the roof, the façade gradually tints as sunlight passes across its southern face.

Learning Objectives:

Explain what it takes to achieve a SITESv2 Gold level certified landscape redevelopment project and how the SITES framework drove sustainable design performance.

Describe bio-infiltration and the capture and treatment of stormwater runoff.

Recognize the historical uses and drivers of redevelopment at Navy Pier.

Observe how Navy Pier uses digital displays and wayfinding signage kiosks to educate visitors about SITES Certification, heat island effect, using reclaimed water, diverting demolition waste from landfills, using recycled and regional materials, and bio-i

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