TM09 - Green Roofs - Making Farm-to-table Accessible

Monday, November 12 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM | Tour Meet Desk « Back

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Green roofs have come a long way since the days of sedum trays. Come visit the West Loop of Chicago to learn how green roofs are evolving and playing a major role in urban living and agriculture. You’ll visit EMME, one of Chicago’s newest and greenest apartment buildings that’s pursuing LEED Gold with the USGBC. EMME has 8,000sqft of green roof that’s allocated to food production! This space is commercially maintained and harvested by Roof Crop™, with 5,000sqft on the rooftop and an additional 3,000sqft on the amenity deck.
We’ll then stop by Fulton West, another LEED certified mixed use residential building that opened in 2017. We’ll visit its ninth floor which features a generous and innovative comprehensive green roof. The roof varies in depth and applications with rolling meadows next to elevated lawns and flowering trees.
Lastly, we’ll stop by The Roof Crop. This building boasts an urban farm that spans 9,000sqft on four roofs, it’s used for commercial production and research. It houses Roof Crop, which handles the farm management and marketing for this and various other sites. Also, Omni Ecosystems the designer, manufacture, installer and maintenance expert of this and many other green roofs in the Chicago.
There is no wheelchair access to the rooftop, and high heels are not permitted on the rooftops.

Learning Objectives:

Describe best practices in design, establishment, maintenance of comprehensive green roof design.

Appraise current technology in green roof construction through case studies and demonstrations, why some roofs fail and other succeed?

Identify the best qualities of "extensive" and "intensive" green roofs to create best comprehensive green roof design.

Discuss how to incorporate urban agriculture into the design and operation of a urban multi-family property.

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