WB08 - Measuring Green Infrastructure Impact Across Scales in a Resilient Chicago

Tuesday, November 13 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM | 185D « Back

Abstract Text:

In recent years, some designers have pushed for a return to natural approaches to infrastructure. Our panel will explore the power of green infrastructure to improve the handling of storm water at three scales: site-specific, community, and urban, with an experienced practitioner speaking to each application. Critics of this approach to green infrastructure often cite the lack of tangible metrics to accurately predict its benefits. Furthermore, it is challenging to apply any metric across an entire city. Using data collected from relevant installations, we will demonstrate how aggregate baseline data can be rolled into calculations to inform the selection and deployment of green infrastructure strategies across sites, communities and beyond. These calculations and methods have the power to inform policy and bolster approaches to non-conventional landscape design and infrastructure performance. We will show how site-specific interventions, deployed at many locations, can begin to restore long-lost habitat and generate sources of community revenue. Applying these interventions with a systems approach that leverages under-utilized resources can provide hope for people and improve the resiliency of the economy, community and environment at a regional scale. A new narrative emerges about civic design and how to approach developing and maintaining an eco-centric urban experience.

Learning Objectives:

Better understand the ecosystem services provided by various types of green infrastructure.

Examine quantified metrics of micro interventions that can be made in the built environment (e.g. green roofs, bioswales, living walls, blue roofs, etc).

Explore the capacities of widespread micro interventions at the macro scale (neighborhood and city scale).

Investigate barriers to implementation of green infrastructure interventions and consider solutions.

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Event Type: WaterBuild Summit > Session