G13 - Grey to Green to Smart: The Next Generation of Urban Stormwater Management

Friday, November 16 from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM | 183C « Back

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Green Infrastructure has served as an imperative tool for managing water for thousands of years. By diverting and managing stormwater before it enters the sewer system, green infrastructure is augmenting grey infrastructure, to allow sewer systems to operate more effectively and efficiently. Learn how Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) has holistically implemented green infrastructure technologies to create one of the most successful urban stormwater management plans in the United States. Additionally, see how these methods contribute to fulfillment of a multitude of credits in the SITES V.2 rating system. Smart controls, or smart valves, can double or triple the effectivity that green infrastructure has in detaining stormwater. Learn how the integration of grey and green stormwater management systems with smart valve technologies is creating a stormwater management model that can outperform current urban stormwater management systems. This presentation explores how to best manage urban stormwater for a fraction of the cost of digging new tunnels and adding antiquated grey infrastructure to our sewer systems. Through three unique project examples that utilize integrated systems learn how this marriage of green infrastructure and smart valve technologies is effectively changing the paradigm for urban stormwater management.

Learning Objectives:

Outline the limitations of grey infrastructure for volume stormwater management

Will explain how green infrastructure as a key tool to achieving a holistic urban stormwater management solutions, as it relates to the Manage Precipitation on Site Prerequisite in the SITES v2 rating system.

Explain the integration of smart valve technology into green infrastructure systems and assess how this tool can help to achieve SITES v2 Manage Precipitation Beyond Baseline Credit

Replicate successful integrated green infrastructure systems that provide clients with high-value stormwater management solutions and the potential to achieve SITES v2 Innovation Or Exemplary Performance Credit

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Education Tracks: Natural Considerations in Sustainable Design

Event Type: Core Education Program > Session