B14 - Further, Faster: How Should We Leverage LEED to Optimize Climate Benefits

Wednesday, November 14 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM | 180 « Back

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This session is about LEED and climate change -past, present and future. LEED’s impact on greenhouse gas emissions from the built environment goes well beyond building energy efficiency; the rating system aims to advance decarbonization by addressing building life cycle assessment, transportation, and the water-energy nexus; as well as incentivize green space. But – we know that most project teams are not conducting life cycle carbon analyses or specifying materials based on EPDs, even as global scenarios call for accelerated improvements in buildings in the next decade, to help reduce the likelihood of severe global warming impacts. What are some of the ways LEED and Arc are effectively pushing teams to do more, and where are the gaps? How can we best use these systems to accelerate deep efficiency – including at the lower end of the market, often coinciding in dirtier grid regions? How can LEED reward emerging technology solutions – such as battery storage – that effectively help contribute to cleaner grid operations? And why aren’t more projects doing LCA? Join USGBC and guest experts for an engaging and critical dialogue on the role of LEED in the era of decarbonization and how LEED and the Arc platform can push progress on climate action and drive meaningful improvement.

Learning Objectives:

Identify the current state of the building sector in regards to global climate goals, and some of the new challenges to create low carbon building at scale

Articulate how LEED v4.1 rewards decarbonization by encouraging building life cycle assessment, transportation, and the water-energy nexus as in BD+C rating system.

Understand opportunities to further develop LEED v4.1 and Arc as tools to advance decarbonization of buildings and grids

Recognize how companies and subnational governments can leverage third-party certification and global reporting frameworks to track and report progress toward carbon reduction goals, and demonstrate leadership in the era of decarbonization, by utilizing Arc.

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