TF02 - Essential Facilities in "The City That Works"

Friday, November 16 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM | Tour Meet Desk « Back

Abstract Text:

Chicago is a community with many moving parts; city services and public safety take many forms. Two recent projects demonstrate Chicago’s commitment to sustainability and the future. MWRD’s new nutrient recovery facility reduces pollution on a national scale and Engine Company 109 is an essential facility in an underserved community. A government issued ID, completion of background check, and close toed shoes are required.

Learning Objectives:

Observe the waste water treatment, phosphorus recovery process, and its impact on waterways downstream from the facility.

Describe how the nutrient recovery process will extend the useful life of phosphorous (a finite natural resource that is being depleted) by providing high-value fertilizer.

Explain the rigorous standards developed by the City of Chicago and the Public Building Commission for creating a sustainable model for future civil buildings, and the challenges of coordinating several essential services into a single facility.

Explore the strategies implemented to create a 100-year facility that accommodates a 24/7 living and working environment using locally sourced materials.

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