CA14 - New Technologies and Paradigms Session 3: Overcoming Barriers to Implementing New Technologies and Paradigms

Tuesday, November 13 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM | 186 « Back

Abstract Text:

Attendees of this session will examine lessons learned from two case studies, around energy and water and making it affordable in communities and how they implemented new paradigms or technologies to further develop these improvements in affordable housing communities. The group will break out to work on similar projects that are taking place and teams will work to create an action plan with steps to implement the project. Activities will include brainstorming potential barriers and strategies to overcome them, identify stakeholders and partners needed to achieve success, tools and resources that are available to assist, regulatory changes and other actions needed for success. Attendees will be assisting five teams in creating an action plan to move their project forward to the next level: Affordable Housing in Rochester, MN; Abraham Lincoln High School, San Francisco, CA; Affordable Student-built Multi-Family Housing, St. Paul, MN; Jefferson Elementary School, Berkley, CA; Church by the Side of the Road, Berkley, CA.

Learning Objectives:

Investigate how to engage with stakeholders in your community to successfully to build a greener economy when implementing a new paradigm or technology into energy and water efficient building projects and designs for the development sustainable affordable housing.

Create strategies to overcome barriers associated with adoption of new paradigms and technology

Understand how to create an action plan to implement a real-world sustainable building project based on case study and lessons learned

Identify common barriers and obstacles associated with bringing new paradigms and technologies to design projects, especially around affordable housing with good indoor environmental quality which protects the human health of occupants.

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Event Type: Communities & Affordable Homes Summit > Session