WB10 - ON TO 2050: Water Resilience in Chicagoland's Regional Plan

Tuesday, November 13 from 3:15 PM to 4:15 PM | 185D « Back

Abstract Text:

Abundant and high quality water resources play an essential role in sustaining economic prosperity, environmental health, and quality of life within the Chicago metropolitan region. Despite our status as a water‐rich region, we often fail to recognize the real and inherent value of this globally scarce resource. As a result, the region continues to suffer major flood damage on an annual basis, degraded aquatic systems across the majority of the region, and water shortages in areas that are growing the fastest. And the challenges disproportionally affect some populations, including low-income residents and people of color. With the adoption of next regional comprehensive plan slated for October of 2018, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning will present key water-related strategies identified in the regional plan for addressing flooding, water quality, and water supply challenges. This session will dive into tools that have been developed to help the region implement the plan – the regional urban flooding susceptibility index and the ONTO 2050 regional water demand forecast. The index is designed to help municipalities identify areas more susceptible to flooding as well as help set regional priorities for green infrastructure investment.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will have a better understanding of the water challenges facing the Chicagoland region and corresponding policy recommendations.

Attendees will learn about the regional urban flooding susceptibility index and lessons learned from applying it in the region.

Attendees will have an understanding of how to review integrated water resource management strategies in community planning processes so there is greater equity in the solution set.

Attendees will understand how agency collaboration can result in greater adoption of major infrastructure planning programs moving forward.

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