CA13 - Equitable Development Session 3: Elevating Equity in Development

Tuesday, November 13 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM | 185BC « Back

Abstract Text:

With any building or development project, there are opportunities for great and positive social impacts for those affected directly and indirectly by the work. If considered from the onset of the project, the entire project team and members of the surrounding community, can set the stage for making the project truly reflect the desires and needs of those who will be living in it, working in it, or affected by it. Attendees will work individually and in groups to explore the Project Team Checklist for Social Equity and practice raising questions that are not often asked, or only asked once it is too late to have real impact. The goal of this session is to spread awareness and practical implementation of the tools and resources available to ensure community development projects are truly celebrating the values, dreams and goals of all people involved and impacted by the work. Attendees will utilize this tool to consider the social equity impacts of a local development project as well as a project from their own professional life. Note: This session is part of the Equitable Development track. You are encouraged to select the other sessions within this track, though it is not required.

Learning Objectives:

Explore the Project Team Checklist for Social Equity.

Identify opportunities to raise social equity questions before and during a development project.

Describe best practices for project team roles in the social equity discussion.

Implement strategies to address social equity impact on a case study project and a personal project.


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Event Type: Communities & Affordable Homes Summit > Session