CA11 - Health Session 3: Promoting Health through Community Development: Lessons Learned from Denver

Tuesday, November 13 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM | 181AB « Back

Abstract Text:

In this session, leaders from Denver Housing Authority, Mithun and Denver Public Health will discuss their experience promoting health through the design and operation of Denver’s built environment. Additionally, attendants will learn about ongoing research at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and the U.S. Green Building Council to develop health promotion tools for use within existing green building systems such as LEED. In 2009, the Denver Housing Authority worked with Mithun to develop the Mariposa Healthy Living Initiative to guide the redevelopment of nearly 900 new mixed-income housing units near downtown Denver. The Healthy Living Initiative is a tool to incorporate healthy promotion into design, redevelopment, and construction. It draws on Health Impact Assessment to encourage a participatory approach that values resident and stakeholder experience. Almost 10 years later, Mithun and the Denver Housing Authority are reapplying the Healthy Living Initiative principles to the Sun Valley community in Denver. After learning about the Denver experience, session participants will apply concepts learned to a sample local affordable housing development. Participants will get a first hand look at how to evaluate health considerations alongside other critical concerns, and turn desired resident health outcomes into actionable design, construction, and maintenance strategies. Note: This session is part of the Health track within CAHS. You are encouraged to select the other sessions within this track, though it is not required.

Learning Objectives:

Discuss the need for interdisciplinary approaches to promoting health and health equity at the community scale.

Identify available tools and incentives to promote population health and health equity through built environment practice.

Apply lessons learned from Denver’s experience to a local affordable housing project.

Describe opportunities for built environment practitioners to partner with public health practitioners to create health-promoting places.


GBCI Credit Hours:

Event Type: Communities & Affordable Homes Summit > Session