Keith Killpack

Manager, Life Cycle Services at SCS Global Services
Master of Environmental Science & Management, Emeryville, California
United States

Mr. Killpack manages SCS Global Services’ Life Cycle Services department. Under his supervision, the department conducts life cycle assessment (LCA) for a wide range of industries and clients. Studies are conducted to help companies design products and services to minimize environmental impacts, optimize operational efficiencies, satisfy customer requests, engage stakeholders, and support comparative ecolabels and Environmental Product Declarations. Mr. Killpack has also helped develop methods using LCA to analyze whole buildings, including site selection and preparation, design and construction, building occupancy, maintenance and operations, upgrades, and decommissioning. Specializing in biofuels and bioenergy assessments, he has completed dozens of assessments for the US Department of Energy. He draws from prior experiences in environmental chemistry and applied biology, validation of environmental analytical data, environmental remediation projects, and sustainability. Mr. Killpack’s Master’s thesis reviewed international environmental health and safety and product stewardship practices in the nanotechnology field.