Michael Berkshire

Green Projects Administrator at City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Michael has a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning and has been with the City of Chicago for the past 13 years creating and implementing public policy and incentives that encourage sustainable urban development. Michael has led an inter-departmental team that first developed and recently updated the Chicago Sustainable Development Policy that requires public and private developers to include sustainable strategies in projects that are receiving financial or zoning assistance from the City. This policy has required the construction of over 500 green roofs totaling nearly 5.6 million square feet of vegetative cover. It has also been the main driver behind Chicago being a world leader in the number of LEED certified buildings. Michael is also managing the City’s Resilient Corridors Project, which is constructing stormwater landscapes on City-owned, vacant parcels in community areas that are most vulnerable to the stresses of climate change.