Amanda Bennett

Architectural Lighting Designer at AMBIA Lighting Design
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

Amanda Bennett is the founding principal of AMBIA Lighting Design, a collaborative studio committed to design excellence. Amanda is passionate about using light to elevate, transform, and enhance the form and function of every space. She first became enamored by light’s ability to transform space in design school. She quickly made her way to San Francisco to work with renowned lighting designers. Surrounded by brilliant people and innovative design, she dove into the field, mastering the technical and artistic aspects of architectural lighting design. After 20 years in the industry, Amanda continues to be energized by technology advancements and research studies that fuel innovative lighting design solutions. She seeks to understand the heart of all her projects and provide solutions that make a lasting positive impact on the people, business, and brands she serves. Amanda has enjoyed working on corporate, hospitality, restaurant, and retail projects and appreciates the cross‐pollination that occurs between genres. A few of her nationally recognized projects include the Goodyear Headquarters, Macy's Department Stores, and The Hotel Covington.