Maya Jaber

Director of Sustainability at Time Equities Inc.
LEED AP, MA, NYC, New York
United States

Maya Jaber is the Director of Sustainability for Time Equities Inc. (TEI) and the Vice President of TE Greengineers, TEI’s sustainability management and policy consulting arm. Ms. Jaber is responsible for developing the TEI’s Environmental, Social and Governance foundations, strategies and initiatives. She brings design thinking strategies to programmers related to energy efficiency, waste management, supply chain, sustainability, renewable energy and maximizing synergies for the firm’s Global Real Estate portfolio. She also works to build a culture of sustainability within the organization through robust engagement and communications. She spearheaded the initial creation of TEI's internal operations sustainability policy and continues to evolve the organization's strategies to meet the “Quadruple Bottom Line” (Economic, Environmental, Social and Governance). Her diverse background and experience has given her the tools to be an action-driven Executive, who is a catalyst — a change agent with over 20 years’ experience with fusion in Strategy, Sustainability, Policy, Design, Business, Management, Development, Communication, and Collaboration.